Traktor Modifier Viewer Version 2



Krasse SachenYou’re playing a lot around with finding the optimal Key-& Midi Layout for Traktor Pro? Then you might want  to know the
value of the new shiny modifiers. This tiny app will show them in Traktor’s title bar for you.

To use it start Traktor Pro, then start TraktorModifierViewer.exe. If it just shows zeros after changing modifiers it doesn’t work.
Post a comment about it in the blog!


It currently only works in Traktor Pro 1.02 so make sure yours is up to date!

DOWNLOAD: Traktor Modifier Viewer 2 (291.68 KB) - 1206 hits

1. Changelog:

Version 2:
*It still can’t open the exe itself (problems with offset) but it will ask you to open
Traktor’s folder at least so you can start it manually

2. Features:

* Shows all 8 Traktor-Modifiers in the title bar
* Closes automatically with Traktor Pro
* Detects Traktor-Pro version * Nearly invisible, you can only see it in the task manager to kill it, if you smell problems

3. Requirements

* Microsoft Windows 98,2000,XP,Vista (only tested on XP SP2,SP3 so far)
* Traktor Pro 1.02

4. Known Issues

* If you start it after Traktor Pro has been open for a while it may not work (all values show 0, even after changing modifiers).
That’s because the offset I got for the start-adress isn’t the best. It seems to always point to the right location in memory
though after starting Traktor. If you can help me find the right offsets, feel free to contact me
* The tool can’t start Traktor Pro yet because for some reasons that results in totally different offsets

5. TO-DO

* support for other Traktor Pro versions
* find correct offsets

* show the Modifier where the Traktor Logo is in the application

To my german readers: Ja, jetzt wirds wohl doch nen Multi-Funktions-Blog und das auch noch multilingual, aber was solls? Werde bald dementsprechend eine neue Kategorie einführen, damit ihr solchen Beiträgen (die nicht zur Tagesordnung gehören werden) aus dem Weg gehn könnt :) Ansonsten lernt Englisch, vielleicht lernt ihr ja noch was dazu.

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